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A town grows in Brooklin

Jan 4, 2024

Originally Published By: National Post

Author: Jenny Febbraro

Published Jan 04, 2024  •  3 minute read

The first phase of the Brooklin Towns will include two- and three-storey townhomes at the corner of Baldwin Street South and Roybrook Avenue. Image by JORG Studios

The Madison Group of developers had been closely watching the urban nook of Brooklin, a historic Whitby neighbourhood, for more than a decade. This fall, it announced the launch of its first phase of Brooklin Towns, bringing 159 residential units, in the form of two- and three-storey townhomes, to the corner of Baldwin Street South and Roybrook Avenue.

“Brooklin is unique from anything else in Durham because it’s still got historic charm,” says David Singer, vice-president of low-rise communities at the Madison Group, of the town, whose downtown area has been designated a Heritage Conservation District under the Ontario Heritage Act.

“It was first called Winchester but was later renamed as Brooklin in 1847,” says Singer. The township experienced rapid expansion when John and Robert Campbell built a flour mill closeby. “That was the first major population growth. But another is on the way, as trends show that there will be a 40 percent resident increase in the next 11 years.”

“More people are seeing the convenience of Brooklin, so the need for housing is there,” says Kora Pasek, director of marketing and branding, Madison Group. “What people love about this community is its proximity to Toronto, but Baldwin Street’s amenities means that there is that pedestrian element too.”

She’s referring to the town’s main street, where banks and grocers are a 10-minute walk from the townhomes. “And you’re still just two minutes from the 407,” says Pasek. With major retails close by, she notes that many families will be attracted to the option for low-rise living: “There’s parks, lots of schools nearby, and just a general feeling of community. It’s an already established neighbourhood.” Construction for the project begins in spring 2024.

But families aren’t the only target buyer, says Teresa Pereira. The founder and design director at Create Design & Co., who worked with the Madison Group on a presentation centre with nods to the ’90s, says, “We wanted to attract the younger generation here, too.”

“We just looked at what this community might be missing,” says Pasek. “And it felt like we could inject a little colour and fun into the overall concept.” She says that a series of meetings with consultants had the team landing on the ’90s era. “So many young people are returning to it culturally, for its movies, its films, its clothes. There’s just a moment with this decade.” She believes that referencing the decade would attract buyers who grew up during it, people in their 30s and 40s.

Pereira’s vignettes in the presentation centre include references to the TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, along with Air Jordans “all over the place,” a bike hanging off the wall and oversized gates that one might see at basketball courts. “It’s a whole vibe,” she says. Colour palettes range from neon green to white, black, rusty red to minty green.

The towns will feature open-concept layouts with natural light pouring in from large windows at the front of each unit. Image by BINYANStudios

Each townhome in the project can be customized with a totally different look, specific to that buyer’s choices, says Pereira. “We just wanted to inspire others to showcase their personality.”

Function was also top of mind, she says. “We walked through [with the architects] and really tried to create workable floorplans. Can a king-size bed work in here with two side tables? Can a family of four comfortably fit in the dining room? Those are the types of questions we’re asking while planning the layouts.”

Brooklin Towns will feature open-concept layouts with natural light pouring in from large windows at the front of each unit.

There will be a private amenity space as well as a public park across the street to the south. Other nearby parks include Carson Park, Brooklin Memorial Park and Brooklin Optimist.

“This marks the beginning of a whole new chapter for Whitby,” Singer says.

Townhomes begin in the mid-$900,000s for 1,697 square feet. For more information, visit

Three things

Catch local musicians playing live while grabbing a burger and a pint at the newly built Brooklin Pub. 15 Baldwin St.

Play a round of tennis or send your teen to the skateboard park at the Luther Vipond Memorial Arena. Corner of highways 7 and 12

Perfect your poses at Modo Yoga Brooklin. Hot yoga classes are on offer at levels from beginner to advanced. 31 Baldwin St., Unit 8