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Standard Finishes

As part of your new home purchase process, Madison Group understands the importance of customizing and finishing your new home. With this in mind, we have included below a selection of the available standard finishes based on the project and home type you have purchased.

Madison’s Design Studio offers a more extensive selection of finishes which will be shown to you during your décor appointment.


Series 1 (Kitchen & Bathrooms)

  • Bowery Pewter

  • Bowery Graphite

  • Bowery Sable

  • Bowery Navy

  • Bowery Sage

  • Bowery White

  • Bowery Mist

  • Bowery Fabro

  • Hudson Ello

  • Hudson Grana

  • Hudson Capri

  • Hudson Dolce

  • Hudson Brolo

  • Claremont Avenza

  • Claremont Fabro

  • Logan Dolce

Series 2 (Kitchen)

  • Modena Classic White High Gloss

  • Modena Dolce

  • Tribeca Bianca

  • Tribeca Timber

  • Dorset Navy

  • Dorset Classic Black

  • Sherwood Ello II

  • Sherwood Sage

  • Chesapeake Sable

  • Nolita Bianca Horizontal

  • Nolita Ariss Horizontal

  • Wexford Graphite

  • Wexford Mist

  • Alban Barley Oak

  • Alban Rye Oak

  • Vermont Cashew Oak


Kitchen & Primary Ensuite

  • Blanco City Silestone

  • Grey Expo Silestone

  • Bianco Sardo Granite

  • Uba Tuba Granite

  • New Caledonia Granite


  • Kitchen Pull-Out

  • Bathroom Vanity

  • Roman Tub

  • Shower Head


  • Exterior

  • Ceiling Flush Mount

  • Bathroom Vanity


  • Engineered Natural Red Oak

  • Engineered Red Oak- Cafe au Lait

  • Engineered Red Oak- Charcoal

  • Engineered Red Oak- Cape Cod

  • Engineered Red Oak- Walnut

Any renderings, plans, and photography shown  are artist’s concept only and may vary from the plans, specifications illustrated in any sales brochure(s), model(s) and samples.   Samples shown on this website (or by any other electronic or remote means) and/or in the builder’s design studio, are only a general indication or depiction of the materials available for selection.  Insofar as the finishes used for flooring, cabinetry, trim, and/or other finishing materials installed within the dwelling unit are concerned, the colour, texture and/or shading of such finishes may vary slightly from those shown on this website and actual samples  due to minor variations or shading in dye-lots produced or manufactured by the suppliers.  Variations may occur in natural materials (e.g., wood, stone) as they inherently cannot be precisely replicated or matched with other pieces or samples, thereby accounting for variations of colour, finish, grain and/or veining even within the same lot or section of material.   Selection, style, colours and specifications of samples are subject to change without prior notice.  E. & O.E.