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  • What is the FlexSPACE?
    The FlexSPACE is a custom designed workspace located at 150 Eglinton and is available to all Madison Tenants. Users are able to choose between 4 different layouts to host meetings, training seminars and events.
  • Who is the FlexSPACE available to?
    The FlexSPACE is available to all Madison Tenants.
  • Is there a fee to reserve the FlexSPACE?
    There is no fee to reserve the FlexSPACE, it’s a perk of being a Madison tenant! However, if an item is damaged you may be subjected to additional fees.
  • When can I book the FlexSPACE?
    The FlexSPACE is available for use Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • How can I reserve the FlexSPACE?
    To reserve the FlexSPACE login with your tenant code, click reserve FlexSPACE and select your desired date and time.
  • How far in advance can I book the FlexSPACE?
    Reservations must be made 48 hours prior to your desired date.
  • How often can I book the space?
    Each tenant can book up to three reservations within 90 days.
  • What equipment is in the FlexSPACE?
    The FlexSPACE includes tabletop workspace and lounge seating, a private meeting room, fully equipped kitchenette, and A/V equipment such as high speed internet, a private conference line, and a flat screen tv.
  • How many people can the FlexSPACE accommodate?
    The FlexSPACE can hold a maximum of ___ persons. However, while adhering to social distancing we recommend no more than ___ persons.
  • When will the FlexSPACE be cleaned?
    There is a two hour turnover period between meetings to ensure the FlexSPACE is properly cleaned and sanitized prior to the next scheduled booking.
  • After I book, how do I access the FlexSPACE?
    After you confirm your reservation, you will receive a detailed email on how to access the space.